Are you tired of bad mattresses that cause back pain? Are you looking to rest at last as you deserve? Do you think it’s time to invest in your health in the long term?

Believe us, we understand you. We have studied a lot about mattresses. We have hatched its characteristics, its materials, its fabrics … And we have come to a common conclusion: Tempur mattresses are the best on the market.

To begin, you should know that Tempur is one of the best brands of mattresses without a doubt. His story begins in space when he designed a material for NASA that absorbed the pressure of the body giving comfort to the astronauts when taking off. The solution was the creation of the material “temper”. This was able to distribute the weight and pressure, being really comfortable. You can buy at

The first viscoelastic on the market was the Tempur material. These were pioneers in bringing their technology to the world of rest, and especially to the mattresses. This advance really meant a revolution for all. Its main features are:

  • It adapts perfectly to the body, both to the temperature, weight, and shape of this, keeping the back straight when sleeping as you can see in the previous image.
  • The Tempur material always regains its shape. After having slept on it, the next day you will notice that it has recovered its original state. It is not deformed, it does not require maintenance or it has to be turned over (this certifies the quality of the material). Tempur mattresses have a 15-year guarantee.
  • It does not affect the movement of the other person when sleeping. Thanks to its great cushioning and its independent support, you can sleep smoothly throughout the night.
  • The only material that avoids pressure points. These points are usually formed where the mattress has to hold more weight (in the shoulders and hip) and it is this pressure that usually causes us to change position. Thanks to the Tempur material, the pressure points disappear and prevents us from moving when sleeping.
  • They are mattresses for therapeutic use, that is, they are beneficial for health.